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Engineering Case


  • Yantai Fuzu Animal Breeding Co.,Ltd

    Founded in 1992, with investment 80 million RMB, Yantai Fuzu Animal Breeding Co., Ltd. is located in Laishan area Yantai city. Fuzu breeding company is the ecological cycle agro enterprise gathering feed processing, pig and cow breeding, slaughtering, re


  • Jiangsu Dadi Animal Health Projects Co., Ltd.

    ​ Founded in 1987, Jiangsu Dadi Animal Health Projects Co., Ltd. Is located in Huaian High-tech Development Zone, covering an area 53360 square meters. With 100,000T per year feed production line, 20,000T per year premixing production line, and 6 animal m


  • Jiangsu Bufeng Feedstuff Technology Co

    Jiangsu Bufeng Feedstuff Technology Co., Ltd. as the leading of domestic aquatic feed, especially special aquatic feed, mainly offers poultry feed, fish feed, protein feed, R&D of feed additives, selling and service. JSBF is located in Rudong Chahe Indust