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FDSP Appeared In 2018 Indo International Livestock Expo & Forum

On July 4th to 6th, 2018, 13th Indo International Livestock Expo & Forum was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This exhibition sponsored by the strongest Exhibition Agency NAPINDO in Indonesia is a famous and leading expo in Southeast Asia. Almost 400 famous manufacturers from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and South Korea participate the expo this time showing the newest technology, products and service of livestock industry in world.

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd(FDSP), as the most growth  new and high technology enterprises in Chinese feed machinery industry also attended this show. FDSP displayed the main four industry, feed machinery and engineering, biomass machinery and engineering, fertilizer machinery and silo engineering, and also ther pellet machine mould and spare parts during the show. Many new and old clients and partners are attracted to our booth for consultation and communication, after the in-depth discussions on new technology and further cooperation, the clients all experienced FDSP's quality and service more clearly and spoke highly of FDSP.  


FDSP stands out from the expo mainly because FDSP has made its brand a good reputation overseas and being one of the representatives for China feed machinery  through the international strategy implementation, in part because FDSP always keep the quality made by FDSP under spirit of the craftsman, make the customer's satisfactory as our service starting point, overcome hardship together with the same spirit. 

on July 6th, Indo International Livestock Expo & Forum successfully finished the 3-days exhibition. This attending of expo in Indo is our inevitable choice and important way to develop Southeast Asia market in-depth, we believe FDSP will bring Indonesia livestock industry vigorous under the efforts of host, exhibitor and partners.

In recently two years, FDSP has exported sets of feed machinery and projects, biomass machinery and projects and  silo engineering to Indonesia many times. During this expo, FDSP make more communication with customer face to face and will make a good basement for FDSP to serve our clients in Indonesia.