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  • SCY Series Granular Cleaner

    Clean up the effect of good, high efficiency in addition to impurities: In addition to large miscellaneous efficiency ≥ 99%, big complex does not contain intact particles or solid

  • TCXT Series Tubular Magnet

    New type magnetic materials is adopted with magnetic intensity ≥2000GS;no need power; Case is made of stainless steel and flexible inspection door;

  • TBLMy Series Drum Pulse Filter

    Features: 1. The casing is round type with high rigidity and strength; 2. Tangential centrifugal air in is adopted, benefiting the reduction of air net resistance and filtering bag load; 3. It has large treating airflow, less floor space and low noise.

  • TBLMD Series Flat Base& Drum Pulse Filter

    1. Low resistance, high efficiency, easy to operate and maintain, low power, low noise, long service life, small form factor; 2. Ash disposal way of model A reduced the height of this equipment, improved its efficiency; 3. It is widely used for grains

  • TCQY Series Double Drum Cleaner

    The double layer structure,the ventilation system can separate the big and small impurities or the light impurities;

  • SQLZ Cleaning Equipment

    1. High output; good cleaning effect; low power consumption; 2. Simple installation; convenient repair; Easy replacement of screen drum; 3. Screen with proper holes can be selected according to specialty of materials so as to reach required separating e