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  • SWLY Series Impeller Feeder

    SWLY series impeller feeder is composed of intercross impellers.It can evenly feed. It is with self-clean magnetic separator,uniform distribution,iron-removal.

  • SFSP50 Series Hammer Mill

    Belt conveying,compact structure, easy operation, rotor passes accurate dynamic balancing test, lessvibration during running; It is with aspiration system, easy to operate;

  • Tear Circle SFSP568 Series Hammer Mill

    Hammer Mill is simple structure,safe,dependable,easily mounting and convenient operation,low vibration,high output;

  • Tear Circle SFSP668 Series Hammer Mill

    This high efficiency hammer mill is more suitable for raw material fine grinding.

  • SFSP998 Series Hammer Mill

    The grinding chamber is of drop shape, effectively eliminating the circular flow in the grinding process and getting higher capacity;

  • SFSP999 Series Hammer Mill

    SFSP999 Series Hammer Mill is simple structure, safe, dependable, easily mounting and convenient operation, low vibration, high output;

  • SWFL Series Vertical Shaft Pulverizer

    SWFL series pulverizer is a new type ultra-fina grinding equipment , widely suitable for various large and medium sized feed processing enterprises,raw materials such as maize,sorghum,rice,wheat,soybean meal.shrimp,fish,etc.,after coarse grinding &preclea