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  • SDHJ Series Single Shaft Mixer

    1. The adjustable paddle has long life and leaves less residues. 2. High mixing uniformity(≤5%), many liquids to be added at same time.

  • SHSJ Series Double Shaft Mixer

    1. The innovative double reducer features smooth driving, less power consumption and adjustable speed. 2. Improved opening shaft and connection rod, opening angle over 90, deadly locked door.

  • SHSJ Series Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

    The mixing chamber is “W” horizontal shell shape. Double shaft and many paddles. The spraying system(spray nozzle & fittings) is on top of mixer can meet light and heavy bulk density materials mixing, improve the liquid atomizing and prevent from agglomer

  • SLHY Series Ribbon Mixer

    1. The mixing chamber is constituted by twin screw and atomizing system. The filling seal is adopted for ends of shaft to improve tightness and prevent from leakage; 2. Specially designed discharger has big door-opening angle and quick discharging with l