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  • 0.8-1t/h SKJZ1800 feed set

    With reasonable technology, easy operation and low energy consumption. It can produce 5000-15000 tons mash and pellet feed per shift annually;

  • SKJZ3000 poultry feed mill plant

    Professional Design: The technology flow is followed the trend of latest industry development and the best plan is designed according to customer’ requirements and local conditions. The general layout is reasonable, economical with detailed consideration

  • SKJZ3800 small feed mill plant

    Complete small feed mill plant process : The grinding section--The mixing section --The pelleting section --The cooling section --The screening section--The packing section

  • SKJZ4800 animal feed pellet line

    Main Equipment Related to Complete Feed Pellet Production Line: hammer mill - mixer - pellet mill - Cooler- Crumbler - Rotary Screener - Bagging Scale - Control Center( Besides the small modular feed pellet plant,We can also provide 5-60t/h large automat

  • SKLZ5800 Pellet Feed Set

    This line is for production of poultry feed like chicken, duck, geese feed, but also livestock feed such as cattle, cow, horse, rabbit, pig feed etc, it is applicable for various small poultry farms, feed factory or home use.