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    It concentrates a homogeneous mixture composed of protein feed, mineral feed and premix certain proportion of feed is an intermediate product, which is characterized by high protein content, usually 30% -45%, the largest proportion in the full price of feed, generally 15% to 40%. Concentrates have the advantage of easy to use, suitable for large scale, especially in their own and other energy feed corn farmers use.

    Jiangsu Liangyou is a professional production of concentrates processing equipment and provides complete sets of turn-key projects of the company. FDSP professional team design concentrates production line is a grinding, mixing, promotion as one of the automated feed processing units, easy operation, high capacity, labor-saving, is an ideal choice for feed mill farms, can be customized according to customer plant area installation.

    Concentrates processing technology and processing equipment to provide Liangyou has the following characteristics: 

    1. Easy installation, simple operation, low maintenance cost, small footprint, low plant requirements, less investment;

    2. With a drop-type hammer mill, twin-shaft paddle mixer, and other advanced equipment;

    3. The electronically controlled simulation screen centralized control, with overload protection device and electrical interlock system between the devices;

    4. Adapt to a wide range of versatility, the user may need to select the production of animal feed or fish feed;

    5. Less cross-contamination, a small residual amount. The two aspects to ensure, first, to minimize the use of transportation equipment; the second is a mixer with a self-cleaning function, and for the whole growing up door structure, discharge completely.

    6. Drag less dust. Specifically design a special dust removal system, dust over effect.


    Production line concentrates mainly in the following section:

    (1) Raw material receiving early Qing section: consists mainly of pulse dust collector, First ballast cleaning, permanent magnet drum and some auxiliary equipment;

    (2) Crushing section: Including shredders and other auxiliary equipment, if the raw material squashing then crushing section is needed;

    (3) Mixing the ingredients section: including mixers and batching scales and auxiliary equipment;

    (4) Finished Packing section: including scales and packaging sewing machine and so on.

    In each of the above section, the mixer is a very critical part. Mixer fuselage W horizontal mixing chamber conchoidal biaxial multi-paddle rotor at the top of the spray system (piping and nozzles), can be adapted to the severity of a variety of mixed materials, effectively improve the atomization of the liquid, to prevent clumping ; specially designed discharge mechanism, opening angle, rapid discharge, less remain. Sealing, and to ensure that no material leakage; mixing speed, high uniformity, so that the material in the state of weightlessness and still not homogeneous purity, density and fill factor.

    Compared to ordinary ribbon mixer, a paddle mixer FDSP provides the following features:

    1. Mixing speed, mixing time per batch: 45 seconds -180 seconds;

    2. mixing high coefficient of variation CV≤5%, a small residual amount;

    3. The specific gravity, particle shape and other physical properties of materials with large differences in mixing easy segregation;

    4 tons of material power consumption, 60% lower than the average horizontal mixer, a ribbon;

    5. Applicable to a wide range of carbon steel according to user needs, and material contact parts of stainless steel, stainless steel, especially for hybrid production requires high precision materials. 

    The main technical and performance parameters: 

    product name


    power (KW)

    output (T/H)



    250 kg/Batch



    500 kg/Batch



    1000 kg/Batch



    1500 kg/Batch



    2000 kg/Batch



    3000 kg/Batch



    4000 kg/Batch

    So, how to choose the concentrate production line?

    1. The process must be designed to achieve product quality and production requirements;

    2. The process design should be technologically advanced, economical and reasonable new technology, new equipment to improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity;

    3. The design should be reasonable fixed equipment, flow balance, try to save power, reduce production costs;

    4. The process design should have an effective dust, noise insulation, noise reduction measures to achieve safety in production;

    5. Equipment shall be arranged so that the overall process row reasonable cloth, to ensure operation and maintenance under convenient conditions to minimize the construction area,

    At the same time and pay attention to equipment arranged neat and beautiful. 

    Therefore, to select the appropriate concentrate production line, but also start from the following,

    1. The expected production capacity of the feed line;

    2. Product varieties, specifications;

    3. Variety of feed ingredients, quality specifications, price, origin;

    4. Feed formulation;

    5. The sources of raw materials and the receiving mode;

    6. Product payment form;

    7. Learn the same scale domestic feed line process, equipment layout, floor space, power equipment, technology and investment;

    FDSP advantage concentrate feed production lines (quality aftermarket installation)

    No quality means no business brand, Liangyou has been to strengthen the sense of quality, standardized quality management as a top priority for enterprises. We have received ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, feed machinery, fertilizer machinery, biomass energy equipment and turnkey production lines for the European Union CE certification, for five consecutive years in the field of Russian SGS certification, GOST Russia certification. On this basis, Liangyou try to build a set of product quality and service quality in one of the full life cycle of quality control system are maturing. FDSP professional team and professional manufacture and installation, every domestic and foreign project that can provide professional customer engineers to the site installation guide.

    FDSP for your professional customized concentrate production line has the following characteristics:

    1. Widely used in concentrate feed mill, additives plant, premix plant, to meet the feed industry to increase production, quality and technical innovation needs updating;

    2. Reasonable process layout, equipment running smoothly, the whole steel structure, small footprint, low plant requirements;

    3. Paddle with biaxial efficient mixer, detected by the provincial Certification Authority, the performance indicators are better than industry standards, is a premix company obtained permits production licenses;

    4. In the doghouse, add port, packing mouth with dust removal equipment, multi-point dust, minimizing dust in the workshop, to meet environmental requirements;

    5. mixing high (CV≤5% up to stainless steel mixer up to 3%), material remained low;

    6. Satisfy both concentrate production, but also the production of premix meet the different needs of customers;

    7. Simple liquid adding machine is equipped with suitable add more liquid nutrients, improve feed quality;

    8. The unit uses the entire feed chain simulation screen control, production control of the whole process is automatic;

    9. Professional design, production, professional installation, enabling customers with minimal investment to get the best returns.

    Different product quality, process design provided by the supplier is not the same, poor quality equipment, it will affect their life, failure rate, affect the quality of the products produced, and if the design process is unreasonable, it will affect production, resulting in waste of resources and other adverse consequences.


    Jiangsu Liangyou equipment provided, chooses the high quality raw materials and accessories, through sophisticated processing to ensure product quality and performance, experienced design staff, according to your request, provide you with the most reasonable process design. In addition, professional installation team and excellent after-sales service, make sure that you use and worry-free operation.

    2015 FDSP of Huai'an earth design SFYH500 intrapartum five tons of concentrate production lines and high-grade animal feed SZLH508 wire units have been put into production, the project is running well. 

    In addition, the FDSP can also customize your premix, poultry feed, ruminant feed, pet feed, aqua feed general, special materials such as a variety of other aqua feed production line, welcome your advice.

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