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    Crop shell pelleting is generally used peanut shell, sunflower shell, rice husk as the raw material. After some working procedures, made into pellets. 

    The pellets can be used to burn, barbecue, and fire place. The burning efficiency is over 80%, and the CO2, Ammonia nitrogen compound and dust after burned are little, which is the environmental and clean energy.

    The craft is: cleaning process, grinding process, drying process, pelleting process, cooling and bagging process

    Detailed process introductions are as below:

    Grinding Process

    It is coarse grinding for grass, straw, faeces and carton etc. The main machine is disc grinder mill. It choose widely used separate type thick screen, with large screening area and long using life. On the top of machine, the had fed can match conveying equipment, that means it can crush both baled material and bulk grass. It adopts concealed widen rotor, super-thick wear hammer beaters, high quality imported bearing, high balance accuracy rotor, with low noise, smooth transmission. 

    Cleaning Process

    It can remove impurities from the raw materials, including big wood blocks, stock, nail etc. The main machine is Drum Cleaner

    The purpose of sifting process is for removing the impurities, which can protect the following process equipment, conveying equipment from damage. The cleaner has higher output, lower power consumption, simple structure, small occupy, easy maintenance and installation etc. characteristics.

    Grinding Process: 

    It can crush wood chips, wood shavings, peanut shells, palm shells, olive slag, etc. The main machine is Hammer Mill.

    The grinding process contains cyclone, pulse filter etc. ancillary equipment, which can achieve no dust emissions. The hammer mill will crush the materials to sawdust, then the sawdust will be pneumatic conveyed by the fan via the negative-pressure. The size of sawdust is 3-4mm around. Hammer mill is tear circle type hammer mill, with high grinding efficiency. The rotor can be positive and negative operation, improving the using life. The motor use direct connection type, with high driving efficiency, easy maintenance. 

    Drying process

    It can drying wood sawdust, wood powder, short fiber etc. biomass raw materials. The main machine is dryer. 

    3-Layer dryer: it is dedicated dryer for wood sawdust. It is three-pass type, with high drying efficiency, small heat loss. The heat exchange rate is over 90% in the internal of the dryer. The fuel of dryer is automatic feeding by pneumatic transporting, which can reduce labor cost. The moisture content of sawdust after drying is about 13-18%.

    1-layer dryer: the rolling ring and the catch wheel support adopt cast monolithic structure, with high strength and smooth operation. Special designed raising plate is installed inside of dryer properly, which can make the raw materials and hot air well blended. Low residue, good drying efficiency. The external hull can hold heat in, preserving heat from loss or waste.

    Pelleting process

    Particle forming process, the main machine is Pellet Mill.

    Biomass pellet mill is widely used for many raw materials, such as sawdust, bamboo shavings, straw, stalk, palm etc. The pellet diameter size is 6-10mm. The biomass pellets have high heating value, non-polluting energy, low ash content characteristic. It is widely used in biomass stove, wood-burner, hot-water boiler, steam boiler, drying stove and wood-gas stove etc. Apply automatic lubricating bearing, automatic oil cooling system and enforced feeder which can make the granulator run smoothly, without blocking and efficient production. 

    Cooling and bagging process

    It can reduce the temperature and moisture of hot pellets. The main machine is Cooler. 

    This process can reduce the temperature and moisture of hot pellets, with low energy consumption, easy operation, high automation features. Pellet temperature after cooling is less than 5 ambient temperature. Pellet moisture after cooling is about 8-10%. Pellet’s bulk density is 700-750kg/m³. Then the cooled pellets will go through the vibrating screen. It can obtain smaller separation granularity by using larger mesh and suitable inclination combination. Compared with the ordinary screening method, because of the increase of mesh size, the blocking tendency is greatly reduced and the probability of screening is increased. The screening process is strengthened, and the screen length can be much shorter than the ordinary screening machine without affecting the grading effect.

    Bagging Machine, according to customers’ requirements, it can divided into small bagging machine and ton-bagging machine. The small bagging machine’s bagging specification is 15-50kg per bag. Electronic quantitative packing scale is use the weighing sensor, weighting indicator and plate consist of control system. Automatic bagging scale has high measurement precision, high speed and low failure rate etc. features.

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