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    Organic fertilizer is use chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep, other livestock and poultry manure, also crop straw as raw materials, adopt bio-fermentation technology, scientific processing (fermentation, drying, crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling, etc.) to produce high quality and stable long green fertilizer efficiency and environmental protection and efficient organic fertilizer.
    Due to short construction period, fast return on investment, high profits, low investment risk, organic fertilizer production project has broad market prospects.

    Problems in chicken manure production processing line and the solutions
    1. Due to high temperatures in chicken manure composting process, which results in nitrogen loss. Therefore, before maturity, need to add right amount water and 5% superphosphate, then the fertilizer would be better.
    2. Manure with moisture 50% to 60% is most suitable for fermentation. In fermentation process, the moisture content is too high, fermentation materials ventilation is poor, which will impact of the transfer of oxygen, the material will in the anaerobic state and produce H2S and other odorous gases, mean while the fermentation temperature is hard to rise, the result is not good for safe disposal of manure, the degradation rate will be slowed, thus delay the fermentation time. In order to reach the required moisture content of the fermentation, it will need to add some organic and inorganic materials (such as perlite, zeolite powder, rice straw and rice husk), to further reduce the moisture content of the manure.

    Advantage Of FDSP Chicken manure production line & equipment
    1. FDSP has professional technical team, can customize the whole production line based on customer specific needs and raw materials, including drying, fermentation, turner, crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling, screening, packaging, etc.l
    2. FDSP specializing in the production of fertilizer equipments for 13 years with CE certification, equipment with domestic first-class level quality.
    3. FDSP has rich project design and construction experience and good after-sale service system.
    4. FDSP can customize different solutions to produce different forms organic fertilizer, including powder, columnar particles, spherical particles.

    How to choose chicken production line & main equipments
    Construction output scale of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is 3-10 million tons per year, comprehensive consideration of local resources, market capacity and market coverage situation. Product design and scale of investment required according to the following conditions: the characteristics of raw material resources, local soil conditions, the main structure of locally grown crop varieties, the factory site conditions, the degree of automatic production.
    Introduction of one important chicken manure production equipments (principles, parameters, advantages, professional, quality, etc.)

    The following describes is turner.
    Turner can effectively and uniformly turn mix animal manure and microbial agents, straw powder to create a better environment for aerobic fermentation materials. Turner divided into two types:
    Self propelled turning machine
    This product is suitable to heap fermentation bio-organic fertilizer factory production, the mechanical equipment with advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, fast into fertilizer, large capacity. It combines functions of broken, saving time and labor to improve the efficiency of organic fertilizer plant production and product quality, greatly reduce the cost.

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