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    With the rapid development of cattle breeding, the problem of environmental pollution caused by dairy manure emissions and the comprehensive utilization of cow manure have become increasingly prominent. According to the survey, in 2007, there are 14.7 million cattle and the cow dung is up 20 to 30 million Tons. The pollution caused by the cow dung accumulation is much more serious. Cow dung pellet production line makes full use of organic waste resources to save non-renewable resources and protect the environment. It realizes huge social benefit and follows the government’s policy of “energy-saving and emission reduction”.

    Advantages of cow manure composting and pelleting:

    Cow is a kind of ruminant. The feed in its rumen will be fermented and decomposed by microbial bacteria. Some nutrient is absorbed by cow and some part of the nutrients(like protein nitrogen, microbial and rumen fluid) are excreted and can be reused by monogastric animal. Organic Fertilizer made from cow dung can play a role in which can not be replaced by chemical fertilizer. It is conducive to improve the soil organic matter, soil fertility, soil structure, soil physical and chemical environment and microbial environment. 

    Cow dung composting benefits:

    · Stabilization: By focusing on aerobic composting for the cow dung in large scale, the organic matter degrade.It can avoid material being moldy, smelly and cause environmental secondary pollution. 

    · Harmless: It can kill the parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms through disinfection to prevent infectious diseases spreading through the land, and promote the production of safe food. 

    · Resource: The realization of cow dung recycling turn harm to be benefits and useless to be treasure, providing large and good quality fertilizer sources for the development of organic agriculture.

    ·Industrialization: It makes a new economic growth point for the cattle breeding farm. Through the large-scale and mechanized production in the organic fertilizer factory, composted cow dung is further processed into powdery or granular organic fertilizer product. 

    The cow manure pellet production line mainly includes composting system, drying system, grinding systems, batching and mixing system, granulating system, screening system and packaging system.

    Composting system: It kills some eggs and harmful substances in the feces during the turning and composting, to make the microorganisms propagate rapidly.

    Main equipment: Compost Turners.

    The LYFP series compost turner designed and manufactured by FDSP are suitable for composting livestock and poultry manure, sludge waste, sawdust and straw,etc. It can deal with cow manure in high piles and features of large capacity and thorough turning. FDSP can provide self-propelled turner and through Turners according to customers’ need.

    Drying System: It is to reduce the moisture content of cow manure to a suitable level for the pelleting.  

    Main equipment: dryer.

    The LYHG series cow manure dryer designed and manufactured by FDSP is used to dry the manure with moisture as high as 70% -80% to about 30% or 18%. In the whole drying process, The dryer is running in a full-closed condition and can not only reduce environmental pollution but also save energy. It features of high thermal efficiency, large capacity, safe and stable operation and so on.

    Grinding system: It is to crush the big pieces into particles below 10mm for pelleting. 

    Main equipment: Hammer mill

    The FFSP series Hammer mill designed and manufactured by FDSP is used for crushing agriculture waste material and animal manure. It adopts the most advanced rotor design, and features of precise positioning, saving time and labor,etc; The hammer is specially processed and has good wear resistance and long service life.

    Batching and mixing system: This process is to add bacteria into the raw materials proportionally and blended uniformly;

    Main equipment: Stainless steel single-shaft paddle mixer.

    The SDHJ series stainless steel single-shaft paddle mixer manufactured by FDSP is specially designed for materials which is corrosive and with large viscosity. It features of high mixing homogeneity, low residue, easy maintenance, long service and so on.

    Pelletizing system: In this process, the material is conveyed to granulator. With different granulating technology, the granulator is also different. Generally there are disc granulator, drum granulator, and ring die granulator.

    Main equipment: ring die granulator.

    The FZLH series ring die granulator is designed for manufacturing high quality fertilizer granules. The feeder, door, and ring die are all made of stainless steel. The main transmission part adopts the imported bearings and oil seals.It feature of high capacity, high shaping rate, smooth running, and long service time,etc.

    Cooling system: It is to reduce the temperature and moisture content of finished pellets to a safe level for storage.

    Main equipment: counter-flow cooler.

    The FLKB series counter-flow cooler body is made of stainless steel. It is corrosion-resistant and has long service life. It is with advanced upper and lower level indicating system and highly automatic. The counter-flow coolingprinciple avoid direct contact between the hot material and the cold air, reducing the cracking in the pellets surface. The discharging hopper is designed with arc angle and is with low residue.

    Screening system: It is to screen out the large particles and fines to improve product’s quality.

    Main equipment: Rotary Screener.

    The FFJH Series rotary screener uses a combination of the circumference, ellipses and lines moving principle. It can be designed with multi screens. The sifting effect is excellent. It features of good rigidity, good sealing, easy operation and maintenance, small vibration, and low noise.

    Packaging systems: It is to weigh and pack all qualified products into small bags.

    Main equipment: Bagging scales.

    The SDBLY series quantitative bagging scale designed by FDSP adopts the imported touch screen control instrumentation, which is with high accuracy and stable performance; The customers can set the parameters (15-50kg / bag) freely according to their own need; Also it can be equipped with sewing machine with automatic threading function or heat sealing machine.

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