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Type:Process introduction of single FZLH508 urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer







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    Definition of urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer production line

    kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer refers to collect the living waste and kitchen waste first, then make them into bio-organic fertilizer after fermentation compost and other post treatment processing. The organic fertilizer has rich nutrition which could improve the soil and solving the soil hardening problem by using fertilizer. It can also improve physical and chemical properties of soil and increase the soil ability of keeping water, fertility keeping and fertilizer supply.


    Raw material

    urban kitchen waste refers to the solid waste produced from food during the production, transportation, distribution and consumption, the main physicochemical property is with high moisture content, high organics content, high fat and salt content, kinds trace element content, easy to rotten and smelly.

    Flow process introduction

    single FZLH508 urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer production line is to ferment and compost the urban kitchen waste organics, after drying process, the material will go into the workshop for grinding , mixing, pelleting, cooling and bagging process, finally into bio-organic fertilizer, the whole line could produce 2tons fertilizer pellet per hour, the total power of machine is about 380kw, the occupy of main work is 2400㎡ including raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse, the whole line is characterized by compact design and reasonable structure, and satisfied by environment protection requirements, meanwhile it can be directed to customers design.

    Supporting equipment includes: fermentation turner, organic fertilizer grinder, drum pre-cleaner, drum dryer, hammer mill, paddle mixer, ring die pellet mill, swing cooler, packing scale and etc.,


    Technological process chart:

    process chart of single FZLH508 urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer production line

    Fermentation and compost process ---pre-treatment process---grinding process--- mixing process--pelleting and bagging process


    The process is as follows:

    Fermentation and compost process

    first aerobic fermentation and secondary anaerobic fermentation

    first aerobic fermentation: pile the blended ingredient up to strip which is 1.5-2meters wide, 0.8-1.2meters high and length is no less than 3meters, during the fermentation, be careful with suitable oxygen supply and turning(turning times when temperature higher than 75℃), the temperature rising should be controlled as 65℃ because it will effect on the nutrition when temperature is too high. Composting for 2 days temperature raises, 3 days odorless, 7 days loose, 9 days fragrant, 10 days into fertilizer.

    secondary anaerobic fermentation is so called post ageing stage also named secondary fermentation. The material could be thoroughly decomposed after 7days and go into post ageing stage. After that then followed by pre-treatment process and pelleting process.

    Compost equipment: LYLP-3, power: 19.5kw, output 300 m3/h.



    Pre-treatment process

    Pre-treatment process of single FZLH508 urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer production line

    Crush will be made after 7days-store for anaerobic fermented organic raw material, it will be crushed, sifted and dried.

    The chain type grinder special for organic fertilizer is widely used for the crushing  of high moisture materials such as bio-organic fermentation compost, urban household waste compost, grass peat, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste and livestock and poultry waste. The allowable value of moisture content of organic fertilizer for biological fermentation is 25 to 55%, which solves the crushing problem of high water-containing organics, the machine has good effect for organic fermented material crushing.

    The drum cleaner can removing the impurities from the raw materials, including big wood blocks, stones, blocked materials, and so on, it can prevent the breakdown or damage of the equipment, conveyors in following process. The pre-cleaner is characterized by high output, less power consumption, simple structure, small occupy, easy maintenance and easy installation.

    The drum dryer is used for drying raw materials with excessive moisture, and will reduce the moisture content to approx. 20%. The granulating molding of the following sections is done once. The roller ring and catch wheel support of drum dryer adopts complete cast steel structure with high strength and stable operation. The special design and reasonable layout of the throwing plate in the drum makes fully mixing of the materials and hot air, less residual and good drying effect The outer layer of the drum is insulated to prevent heat loss and improve heat utilization.

    Drying equipment: LYHG1.6*15,drum diameter 1.6m, length 15m, power 8kw. output 3t/h


    Grinding process

    During the grinding process of single FZLH508 urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer production line, the dried material will go into hammer mill for grinding through conveying equipment, iron remover will be equipped before the hammer mill.

    Hammer mill adopts water drop structure with high efficiency, the rotor in hammer mill could operate in two opposite direction to increase the service life of hammers, what's more the direct motor driven is adopted for high driving efficiency and easy maintenance.

    Grinding equipment: FFSP66*40, power 45kw, output 3-4tph.


    Mixing and Bacteria adding process

    The bacteria which added through micro elements adding hopper can be mixed with raw material in mixer, after evenly mixed, the mixture will enter into next process.

    Single shaft paddle mixer is suitable for organic or inorganic compound fertilizer which is with high mixing homogeneity, The mixer could be designed with stainless steel material, special sealing structure and paddle arrangement, low energy consumption and easy to maintenance.

    Mixer: SDHJ1, power 15kw, output:1m3/batch


    Pelleting and bagging process

    In pelleting process of single FZLH508 urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer production line, evenly feeding by screw feeder is adopted for continuously feed to pellet mill, the pellets is cooled by the cooler after pelletized, and the cooled pellets will be automatically weighed, packed and transported to the warehouse.

    The main shaft of the pellet mill is driven by high intensive gear, and the ring die is the quick unloading clamp type with 20% higher efficiency than the belt driven type. High-quality imported bearings and oil seals are used for the whole transmission part to ensure high efficiency, stability and low noise. The internationally advanced compensative serpentine spring coupling has the good performance in new ,compact, safe and low fault structure.

    The cooler uses the counter-flow cooling principle to cool the pellet with high temperature and high humidity, which avoids the sudden cooling phenomenon caused by the direct contact between cold air and hot material, thus preventing the surface cracking of pellet surface. Pneumatic or hydraulic driven turn over discharge structure, stable running, low residue; The cooling box adopts an octagonal shape with inspection window around it. Adopting high and low level indicator control, high degree of automation; Suitable for biological organic fertilizer pellets cooling.

    The single FZLH508 urban kitchen waste bio-organic fertilizer production line adopts packing scale in the bagging process. According to the customer's local sales needs, the appropriate packing scale is selected for customer to sell products more easily. There are usually two specifications: small bag and ton bag. 20-50kg/bag for small bags, 500-1000kg/bag for ton bags. The packing scale has high automation degree, high packing accuracy, and The measurement by sensor in the weighing system is with high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.

    Pellet mill: FZLH508, power: 110kw, Design output 3tph.

    Packing equipment: SDBLY-PD belt packing scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bag/min.

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